Prenatal and Postnatal 

Elizabeth supports women by helping uncover the strength and wisdom that's already within them. In her classes. Elizabeth encourages women to live with intention and own what they desire, with no judgment. She believes yoga is a fantastic tool to help us get out of our heads and into our bodies and hearts.  Pregnancy and postpartum can be a time of information overload, and Elizabeth's classes help mothers access their intuition.

Her teaching style is warm, open, and full of humor and heart. In Elizabeth's group classes, she holds space for women to share their experiences while she leads an asana practice. Women find emotional and physical support, and leave knowing they are an important part of a community.

Elizabeth has completed over 140 hours of prenatal and postnatal yoga training, which helps her craft classes that are safe, challenging, and strengthening. She has studied optimal fetal positioning, and incorporates her knowledge into her teaching. Elizabeth is also a VBAC mom and is happy to share her experiences and support other women on their chosen journey.

Kids Yoga

  Elizabeth thinks it's a special treat to be with little yogis because they are already so beautifully grounded in the present. In her kids yoga classes, she brings a positive, playful, and accepting spirit.  She loves helping kids discover increased body awareness and mindfulness through yoga postures.


Elizabeth received her 200 hour yoga teaching certification under Shannon Paige Schneider. Her 140+ hours of additional prenatal and postnatal teacher training were from Katie Wise and Kirsten Warner.

Click here to see Elizabeth's current group class schedule; she also teaches yoga at Lookout Mountain Preschool.  Additionally, she's available for prenatal and postnatal private sessions in your home (babies, kids, and household chaos welcome!). Please contact Elizabeth to set up a session.


Pride and Joys

Elizabeth and her husband are parents to three little girls. Elizabeth feels the hard but rewarding work of parenting makes her a better person (almost!) every day.



Someone asked me the best thing I did during my pregnancy and it was easy to come up with an answer - Elizabeth's prenatal class! She is really gifted in helping pregnant women enjoy that special time in their life. 


Elizabeth's prenatal yoga class was so much more than just yoga. She provided a welcoming atmosphere by not only teaching poses that are helpful for pregnancy, but also by bringing the community of moms-to-be together. I appreciated having a safe place to share my experiences of pregnancy and connect with other moms about riding the wave of ups and downs in the journey to motherhood. Elizabeth's unique, fun and inspiring yoga class is one of the things I miss most about being pregnant. I can't say enough how much I loved prenatal yoga with Elizabeth!